Thursday, February 18, 2016

How To Make Wireframe Of A Website Design

       You have joined a new office or this is your first job and you need to prove your skills through your hard work and by utilizing your expertise to the fullest. You have been asked to prepare a wireframe of the organization�s website and you don�t have much knowledge in this domain. What to do then? Don�t worry as this article will provide you some concrete tips in order to help you prepare a wireframe.

The word wireframe seems a bit difficult. Many people have a misconception regarding this word and consider it something related to graphics field but the truth is other way round...

Wireframe is actually a figurative representation of the website. It is not at all a difficult task but it definitely demands a high degree of cautiousness since it has to serve the basis for the real website design. The more intelligently it is being designed, the more it will prove to be productive for your web site. Although it isn�t anything related to graphics and special features but the approach is almost similar to that of website design. 

Wireframe Helps in Finalizing the Artwork 

The website design is finalized by looking at its wireframe since it provides an outlook of all the pages to be included into the website. It is used to check the compatibility of all its different features since the placement of the information matters the most. Placing testimonials into the inner pages instead of the home page may reduce its importance therefore it is important to eliminate all such errors before sending it to the final phase of designing. 

Know Your Business in Depth 

Wireframe is easy to go about but this doesn�t mean that any of the company�s employees will be able to deal with it. One must realize the fact that it is used to decide the final look of your website therefore you can say that it is an informal copy of the website design and its importance is equivalent to or may be more than the actual website design. All the research related to the competitors and the prevailing trends of the industry have to be considered while preparing the wireframe of any web site...

It is highly advised that the person who is fully responsible for the designing process of the website should take the responsibility for wireframe as well since he/she is definitely the one with a lot of research on this subject and this will enable him/her to pursue it into the right direction. 

How to go about it? 

One can even use paper to illustrate the website design but if you go with office word then it may help you in amending things over and over with efficiency. One needs to mark the location of different groups on the page to show how it would look like on website.

The widgets or controls, images, testimonials, messages or any other special thing that your organization wishes to include then they must all be shown in the wireframe with the help of rectangular or square boxes. 

The importance of wireframes shouldn�t be undermined just because they are easy to make rather it should be kept in mind that they are also highly crucial in order to design a good website..