Monday, December 19, 2011

Learn some basic... about Ruby on Rails Programming Language

Ruby on Rails is deemed today as a momentous revolution in the computer programming language. Quite many people are not aware of the cat that ROR is the short form of Ruby on Rails. Considered as the lightening fast programming language available today, it is highly useful to learn the basic facts about this software.

Ruby on Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in the year 2003. As on today, the core team of Ruby on rails consists of more than 1500 contributors who are sparing a commendable work in introducing wonderful features into this highly sought after programme....

Ruby on rails is highly useful in developing a website much faster with great ease. ROR can be understood as a very interesting framework that has found its implementation in almost all the web solutions evolved today.

Popular websites including Base Camp, Penny Arcade, Urban Dictionary, Crunch Base, Scribed, XING Github, Hulu, Spice works, Twitter, and have employed ruby on rails to innovate a number of amazing features in their websites????

There are a number of factors that distinguish ruby on rails from other programming languages including the following:

1. ROR can help performing web applications within a few days.

2. ROR is dynamic, commanding and wistful

3. ROR is an object-oriented language for programming

4. ROR can at once support multiple programming paradigms

5. ROR is much easier to write than shell scripts

6. ROR features vast number of plug-ins

7. It is very easy to develop a query with ROR

ROR can complete a web programming within a few days which would otherwise require months to complete using other programming languages. This is because of the rapid phased easy development strategies and user friendly features forming part of ROR.

You can consult twitter to update your knowledge about ROR. Also,, the official website of the programme can help the starters gain a comfortable insight into the fundamental concepts of ROR.