Monday, December 19, 2011

Learn some basic... about Ruby on Rails Programming Language

Ruby on Rails is deemed today as a momentous revolution in the computer programming language. Quite many people are not aware of the cat that ROR is the short form of Ruby on Rails. Considered as the lightening fast programming language available today, it is highly useful to learn the basic facts about this software.

Ruby on Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in the year 2003. As on today, the core team of Ruby on rails consists of more than 1500 contributors who are sparing a commendable work in introducing wonderful features into this highly sought after programme....

Ruby on rails is highly useful in developing a website much faster with great ease. ROR can be understood as a very interesting framework that has found its implementation in almost all the web solutions evolved today.

Popular websites including Base Camp, Penny Arcade, Urban Dictionary, Crunch Base, Scribed, XING Github, Hulu, Spice works, Twitter, and have employed ruby on rails to innovate a number of amazing features in their websites????

There are a number of factors that distinguish ruby on rails from other programming languages including the following:

1. ROR can help performing web applications within a few days.

2. ROR is dynamic, commanding and wistful

3. ROR is an object-oriented language for programming

4. ROR can at once support multiple programming paradigms

5. ROR is much easier to write than shell scripts

6. ROR features vast number of plug-ins

7. It is very easy to develop a query with ROR

ROR can complete a web programming within a few days which would otherwise require months to complete using other programming languages. This is because of the rapid phased easy development strategies and user friendly features forming part of ROR.

You can consult twitter to update your knowledge about ROR. Also,, the official website of the programme can help the starters gain a comfortable insight into the fundamental concepts of ROR.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple Tips on How to Optimize Alt Texts,,,,,

One area where web designers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals usually butt heads is over the use of images as text instead of actual plain text, usually done in the navigation or other important elements,,, of a website. This can cripple an SEO implementation by limiting the effectiveness of elements that could have been textually based, as text is much more effective for interlinking. This is just one area where image alt text can be very useful.

Alt text — which are found in the “alt” portion of image tag — allows you to add a short descriptor of the image, whether it’s a photograph, a navigational element or some other useful image or graphic. Alt text allows you to describe to users who hover their mouse over an image what they’re seeing, but for SEO, Services, it also gives the search engine more information than the image’s file name might. Optimizing image alt text is a part of any effective on-site SEO campaign, and in this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to optimize alt texts to make them more useful and effective.

First, if there is text in your image, make sure your alt text matches it precisely. If it’s a one-word image such as menu item, for example, you would include this word in your alt text, as well as possibly a short description of the menu item. This gives the search engine some idea as to what that element is all about.

Secondly, for pictures and other descriptive images, you want at most a sentence describing what users can see in that picture, and again, it has to match what the picture actually is. Google’s crawlers can’t see images, but humans can, and if one of Google’s engineers see that you’re filling.... your image alt tags with irrelevant information, it could raise red flags.

Finally, not every image has to have an alt text in it. You wouldn’t add alt text to transparent spacer images used to align other elements of a page together, for example, but you would add alt text to all important and relevant images on a page. Alt text doesn’t carry the weight of actual readable text in the eyes of the search engines, but it’s better having it than not.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

........25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed

If you see your password below, STOP!

Do not finish reading this post and immediately go change your password -- before you forget. You will probably make changes in several places since passwords tend to be reused for multiple accounts.

Here are two lists, the first compiled by SplashData:

1. password

2. 123456


4. qwerty

5. abc123

6. monkey

7. 1234567

8. letmein

9. trustno1

10. dragon

11. baseball

12. 111111

13. iloveyou

14. master

15. sunshine

16. ashley

17. bailey

18. passw0rd

19. shadow

20. 123123

21. 654321

22. superman

23. qazwsx

24. michael

25. football

Last year, Imperva looked at 32 million passwords stolen from RockYou, a hacked website, and released its own Top 10 "worst" list:

1. 123456

2. 12345

3. 123456789

4. Password

5. iloveyou

6. princess

7. rockyou

8. 1234567

9. 12345678

10. abc123

If you've gotten this far and don't see any of your passwords, that's good news. But, note that complex passwords combining letters and numbers, such as passw0rd (with the "o" replaced by a zero) are starting to get onto the 2011 list. abc123 is a mixed password that showed up on both lists.

Last year, Imperva provided a list of password best practices, created by NASA to help its users protect their rocket science, they include:

It should contain at least eight characters

It should contain a mix of four different types of characters - upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as !@#$%^&*,;" If there is only one letter or special character, it should not be either the first or last character in the password.

It should not be a name, a slang word, or any word in the dictionary. It should not include any part of your name or your e-mail address.

Following that advice, of course, means you'll create a password that will be impossible, unless you try a trick credited to security guru Bruce Schneir: Turn a sentence into a password.

For example, "Now I lay me down to sleep" might become nilmDOWN2s, a 10-character password that won't be found in any dictionary.

Can't remember that password? Schneir says it's OK to write it down and put it in your wallet, or better yet keep a hint in your wallet. Just don't also include a list of the sites and services that password works with. Try to use a different password on every service, but if you can't do that, at least develop a set of passwords that you use at different sites.

Someday, we will use authentication schemes, perhaps biometrics, that don't require so much jumping through hoops to protect our data. But, in the meantime, passwords are all most of us have, so they ought to be strong enough to do the job.


Monday, November 21, 2011

What To Look For In an SEO Company?

Go to a popular search engine like Google, and search for a keyword relevant to your business and check whether you can find your company in the first page of the search results. If you don't find it there, then how can your customers find you from among those millions of competitors? Here, search engine optimization can help you reach your customers. Social Media Marketing is a web technique which ensures you that you reach your targeted customers who are located in different parts of the world.

In today's competitive world, it is very important that you get a Search Engine Optimization for your website. You can always outsource the same to a trusted and experience search engine optimization Company who can do the work for you. It is not easy to find a good SEO company who gets you the result for what your pay. Some companies make you pay extra claiming that they will bring your website on top of the Google result page and end up in not finding in any search engine at all. Hence, it is essential to understand what to look for in a SEO company before choosing one. Which one of these methods is the most effective when it comes to search engine marketing? Pay Per Click Optimization is a one or the other” technique or is a successful SEM campaign dependent on prudent utilization of both techniques? These questions have been brought to the forefront thanks to a brewing disagreement between parties supporting each side.

Before starting with this, the SEO specialists should visit your company and understand each and every aspect of your business so that they can help your achieve your marketing goals. If you already have a website, they should do a thorough checking of your current website and analyze its performance with regards to your competitor's site, so that they can get you the maximum benefit out of the Search Engine Optimization. Another important point they need to consider is your keyword. They need to develop or find the appropriate keywords for your website in order to attract more traffic to your website. This helps to achieve your online sales target.

Before implementing the optimization plan, they need to show you a test version so that you can see the working and can suggest for any changes if there need to be any. They need to have a proper link building plan as it is a very critical ingredient of SEO which, if done properly, will give you long term results. This is not the end as they need to give you quarterly or monthly reports also on the progress of your Search Engine Optimization. As an addition to this, some search engine optimization companies also give an offer to expand the search engine optimization by adding more keywords based on the day to day changes in the market.

If you find a company or a specialist who gives you the above services, then don't wait; start today!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Icon May Help U...

When you are interested in icons you may also be interested in collecting icon files. This would be a collection of icon graphics files. But you can also purchase a single icon from various icon websites that offer free or for sale icon sets. They also offer icon tools that you can use to modify or make different your icon collection. When you down icon files you can make use of these files in many different ways.

There are many different types of icon files that are available such as medical icons or business icons. You can get standard windows icons or specialty icons. When you order icon sets online you are getting fairly high quality icons with a professional feel to them that you can then use for your own uses whether it is on your web pages or other desk top applications.

Once you have downloaded an icon collection you can use other applications or an icon editor to make them glossy or different. A good icon will be small and easily understood. For example you can use various icons to represent a shopping cart for a check out page on a website where the buyer is actually choosing items for their shopping cart to purchase at a later time. You can order a collection of icons to make that website more distinct with a slightly different look than other websites selling that same product. So purchasing an icon collection can give your business or online retail store a different look. You can also purchase different security icons or directional icons depending on what you are in the business of selling or providing.

When you are looking a buying an icon collection for your website you can expect multiple levels of support just as you would from any website selling another business something to enhance that business. The website where you just downloaded that icon collection is also a business and it wants your repeat business. It will provide you with 24 hour customer support plus even offer suggestions for using some of the icons.

Of course some of the software programs may allow you to both import and export images. Just as with other websites these sites should have that lock or other secure site symbol at the lower corner of your computer screen. You should be able to find frequently asked questions or perhaps testimonials from other purchasers. If you encounter problems downloading any of the icons or icon collections you should be able to get help with the process on that website. Sometimes... a download can’t be completed in one try due to a system problem on your own computer so that website that you are downloading from should have a repair program. This could be due to incompatible computer systems or perhaps a problem with something like an alpha channel problem. Alpha channel is a program that deals with color in computer graphics. And icon files need to be true life color so they can be easily understood by users.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Create a Custom WordPress Page Template

The Best Word Press Template Guide

Originally developed as a blog site, WordPress by default shows all comments in a loop, listing the newest entries first and the rest in chronological order from the date of entry. I love this about word press for blogging it allows all your visitors to see your latest comments and suggestions, while giving them the chance to look up older post by month of day.

Making sure that your word press blog only has one landing page, is not that hard to set up but finding the right layout is super important, and sometimes you will want and shouls create your own. By static, I mean that unlike the typical WordPress blog page, the content remains the same. You will be able to create your own custom navigation menu to make sure visitors have the right options on every page.

Sadly creating your own landing page and customizing it will take some knowledge and you will need it in normal then one language. In this simple article I will not be covering the steps in which you need to create a custom word press template, because there isn't enough room, but I will be going over the tools that you will need to make sure you have before we start.

When creating any type of website and even your own custom word pres template it's important that you remember that you should always test it on your local computer before placing it on the web. Having a local server will enable you to keep all of your files in one place without having them get lost in transition. You will also need XAMP, if you run Windows or MAMP on Mac and the newest version of WordPress installed on your server. Note pad ++ is a free download that you can get for coding your own wordpress template and a web browser like firefox.

You should also look into taking some, usually free, tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP. Hypertext Machine Language, Cascading Style Sheets and Hypertext Preprocessor, originally called Personal Home Page, will be used to create your custom page. I'm not saying that you will have to be an expert at these but your going to need to understand them and be able to read parts of them, for server instructions.

For many bloggers creating a custom WordPress page template can be a struggle as they manage their site and replenish content, not to mention trying to learn new languages. If your not willing t learn the code or it just seems to hard then comsider the customer template generators that are avaiable online, along with the free templates that come with word press.

These theme generators will allow you to define many areas of your blog to match colors and styles to your choosing, but for the most part are somewhat limited in the types of designs they can offer. But of course you click a couple of buttons and then your done, you have a custom word press theme on the other side. This is just a guide to the tools and different approaches that you can have when building a word press template and if your looking for extra functionality then look into word press membership site plug ins.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Web Design For Charity

Charity web design is a part of web designing. There are many charity websites on internet and many more to come. All these websites need web designers. The basic purpose of each website is to let the people know that there is someone to help you. This can be an amazing & satisfying experience to work and promote a charity website.

A specific charity organization works to help a particular community. Some promote feeding the hungry, some try to help people to build their own home, some work to help old people to live their life comfortably. A charity organization can work to help anyone but there basic purpose is the same as help the needy people.

Now it’s on you whether you want to charge for your work or you want to donate your earning along with the volunteer work. You need to make a simple website. There are pictures, videos and other works of the charity so that visitors can easily understand what kind of charity organization is this. Some of the websites have a charity button for donation so that their online visitors can donate something to the charity.

Although these websites are very simple but one should not take this work for granted. There are many charity websites people usually visit. Many times the visitor list per day goes up to many millions. It’s an easy way to communicate with people all over the world. People can donate easily on website rather than posting or couriering. The website should look appealing and catch the visitor’s eye. One should get the whole information about the charity organization & its work in few seconds.

If we talk about the Non-profit organizations and their website then they are quite similar to commercial websites. They also serve their clients but they don’t want profit that’s why they need funding to run the organization.

So there are three categorization of the websites first one is commercial websites, second one is Non-Profit organizations websites and third is charity websites. Commercial websites get their funding from business they do and profit they get. Non-Profit Organizations and charity organizations get their funding from people who want to help these organizations. Websites is of a great help to get more and more donation and help the needy people. Through websites an organization can collect charity from all around the world.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps are XML files that list the URLs available on a site. The aim is to help site owners notify search engines about the URLs on a website that are available for indexing.

Webmasters can include information about each URL, such as when it was last updated and its importance in the context of the site.

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site.

While some developers argue that site index is a more appropriately used term to relay page function, web visitors are used to seeing each term and generally associate both as one and the same. However, a site index is often used to mean an A-Z index that provides access to particular content, while a site map provides a general top-down view of the overall site contents.

XML is a document structure and encoding standard used, amongst many other things, as the standard for WebCrawler’s to find and parse sitemaps. There is an example of an XML sitemap below (missing link to site). The instructions to the sitemap are given to the crawler bot by a Robots Text file, an example of this is also given below. Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found. This is especially important if a site uses a dynamic access to content such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.

Google Sitemaps Benefits:

1. Alert Google to Changes and Additions to your Website Anytime You Want..

2. Your Website is crawled more efficiently and effectively

3. Web Pages are categorized and prioritized exactly How You Want...

4. Speed up the process of New Website and New Web Page Discovery.

5. No Waiting and guessing to see when Spiders crawl your web pages.

6. Google Sitemaps is likely to set the standard for Webpage Submission and Update.

Notification which will extend the benefits to other Search Engines.

7. The Google Sitemaps service is Free.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How An Ecommerce Website Can Benefit Your Business.....

As the world is heading its way towards new advancements, it is becoming more tech savvy. Internet is being used on a large scale and by an enormous number of people. Computer has become an integral part of almost all households and offices. Computer has dominated all spheres and fields, it has outpaced manpower. Trade has been influenced the most by web and its services. Promotion and buying & selling of the products are conducted on the Internet with the help of :

1 ) Ecommerce Websites

2 ) Banner advertisement

3 ) Social networking sites

4 ) Blogging, etc

Be it a brick and mortar business, a consultant agency, a travel agency, an institute, a sports academy, etc. all have their Websites online.

What is an ecommerce website?

Any website that is meant for the purpose of business is an ecommerce website. It is mainly related to buying and selling of services and products through Internet. The website carries:

Business details- type, infrastructural details, etc.

Products images and their description

Contact information

Why an ecommerce website?

A Business cannot be successful unless it is promoted in a systematic manner. In the present scenario, Internet has emerged to be one of the strong and effective medium of endorsing a business. It has many benefits over other mediums like electronic and print.

Benefits of an ecommerce website: It helps a business earn a huge amount of sales revenue because of the following benefits:

Mass Reach :- Your online store is open 24×7. There are no time constraints, no holidays, etc. Visitors can purchase the required products or services at any hour of the day. This adds to the convenience of the buyers.

Also, as the products are properly categorized on the websites, it saves time of the customer.

Time and convenience :- Your online store is open 24×7. There are no time constraints, no holidays, etc. Visitors can purchase the required products or services at any hour of the day. This adds to the convenience of the buyers.

Also, as the products are properly categorized on the websites, it saves time of the customer.

Cost effective :- Maintenance of the online store is negligible; you just have to pay the web hosts some amount of money to upgrade and renew your site. The money spent on the staff and general maintenance of a store is saved.

As the time is charting forward, the scope and market of the ecommerce business will reach its apex. So, it is very important to advertize your website using various online marketing strategies in order to reap the benefits of the ecommerce business. Thus a well-designed and duly promoted ecommerce Website can be a key to a successful and prosperous business.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Of the Definition- Quality Web Design

One can never really say, "Oh that site is the best in the world " But they can say, "Yes, that site is great looking and the designer was pretty awesome "

I have been in web programming , or at the least studied web design for roughly 12 years and I have found that there just is no legit definition for Quality Web Design .

The fact remains that we always grow and develop better and more unique sites. On top of that, we simply have new players enter the game and bring a new type of Great Web Design that we have not seen before.

When sliders came out, everyone needed that on their site. Why? Becuase sliders were able to show different parts of their site content or even different parts of their services, right on the front page when the visitor shows up.

That is what puts the newer site designs ahead of the old... media, whether sliders, video, animation, whatever it may be, the media of today makes the internet easier to navigate.

While searching through some old sites recently, I found that I had about 40 sites I personally own that just did not look like I wanted them to, and I definitely needed to update them. Of course, I am no rich webmaster, not by any means.

That meant that I needed to find a cheap quality web designer, an affordable awesome web designer, a professional but low cost web designer.

What a war that was. I mean, I went through tons and tons of sites (the first on google may be fine for others, but I don't go for the first thing that pops up). And I finally found one I liked, eventually.

I actually paid double the cost for less than half of the services I got with Phase 3 web design

. I spent too much with the first three sites I redeveloped, and then when I finally found these guys, I saw a blessing in disguise.

I ended up doing six sites with them and my satisfaction was tremendously higher than with others. I will continue to develop with them, but let me run down what I received for an insanely low cost.

My main site was totally revamped and they added media to it that fit exactly what I needed.

Another mobile site, that automatically added my main sites content, was developed for me as well, way cool.

My logo for the site was outdated and they gave me a new look, a look I desperately needed.

And finally, they made sure that my site was Yahoo and Google friendly. Who doesnt want to be added to that huh?

I also went ahead and checked out their promotion services, which boosted a couple of my sites way, way, up there. As awesome as that was, everyone has to check that out for themselves.

In the end, this is definitely the right choice for any business or any niche. Quality over quantity, remember the motto.