Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Your Travel Website Serving Its Purpose?

                 Travel and tourism is already a saturated industry. New entrants have to face tough resistance and challenge. But if you offer right thing to the right people in a right manner then you can turn the tide. On the onset it looks easy, launch a site, reach customers across the globe, book tours and make money. But it is not a cakewalk. After sometime you may find that your website receives few hits and a nominal conversion. When everything was planned then what went wrong? Well the answer is that your website is not optimized to attract the potential customers. What you need is a set of well planned Hotel Internet Marketing strategies for your property. 

There are many important things to keep in mind. First, a travel company has a lot of services to offer, you should pay attention to those areas which can bring you success.....

Incoming tours --- if you think that incoming tourist can bring you more sales then optimize your site accordingly. Here the first thing that has to be kept in mind is that you are building your site for international search engines. Choose the right keywords to achieve a good page rank in search engine results. Then to woo your international clients work hard on content. Informational and interesting literature, stories and articles about the places, historical monuments and other sources of attraction should be included. Though words have power to make you imagine, a picture gives shape to that imagination. So enrich your content with mesmerizing pictures that can bind every visitor. Also try getting your site listed in international tour operator directories.

Also pay attention to the choice of language. For example if German tourist are more frequent visitor to your country then apart from English which is indispensable get some articles published in German language. It adds to feel at home factor which can bring out more conversions. 

Outgoing tours --- if you also provide services for the fellow natives planning to visit abroad then you should optimize some pages of your site keeping in mind the local search engines. To ensure a flow of hits and conversion get links from local travel magazine sites, local directories etc to enhance your rank in search results.

As you know the sand and gravel of your country, so take advantage of that. Speak to your people in your own language; get some articles customized for native travelers. Also create links to social networking sites and leave informational stories about the places you promise your native customers to show. 

Internal tours --- and if you provide packages for tours within the country itself then look for the destinations less traveled. Organize tours with special facilities for example nowadays more and more people are turning into pet lovers. Offer services where there is an arrangement for their pets.

Different offers can only make you different among the pack. Also always keep you site updated about the upcoming events in various parts of the country like fairs, local festivals etc. apart from giving information this adds to the fun part of the site. There by you get visitors staying on your site and you can have time to get conversions. 

MICE ---- if you are in travel business you can’t afford to ignore mice. This is meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. These days, more and more business is coming from this type of tourism. People visit to forge business partnerships, exhibiting their products, convening conferences.

This is that class of tourist that specifically depends on web information. To attract these visitors you need to offer services customized for their needs. For example if a delegation want to come for a conference then apart from transportation and lodging you should have arrangement for the conference itself. You need to have access to hotels with special business facilities. 

Apart from this there are thumb rules of website optimization which you should take notice!

•Conduct careful keyword research 

•Use the language your target customers speak 

•Add audio, video and multimedia support for your content 

•Keep your site updated 

•Start a travel blog 

•Client testimonials 

•Above all keep on adding fresh content in form of a newsletter