Friday, March 18, 2016

Did You Go Broke With Adwords?

Money For Google Adwords

 Many people marketing a business on the Internet have heard of Google AdWords at one point or another. You can do certain things to make Adwords profitable. Consequently, you can nearly lose your shirt as well if you lack a solid understanding of AdWords & how it really works. 

Google is all about relevancy. Google places a huge emphasis on this for their users and this is a key central concept in understanding. 

You can avoid getting charged $5 or $10 for a click if you take some precautionary but often necessary steps. 

1. Create an ad campaign that closely matches similar keywords. 

For example, you sell cat grooming hair brushes. 

Your initial thought may be to bid on keywords like "pet" and "pet supplies." Google considers these as general keywords. People looking for cat grooming hair brushes will not most likely look for "pet supplies." 

The person looking for a cat grooming hair brush already knows what he or she wants. You want your ad to target that person directly and your conversation rates will increase. 

Group and bid on keywords like " cat grooming supplies," "cat grooming brushes," and "cat grooming hair brushes." Each of these keyword phrases has one thing in common: the phrase "cat grooming." These are relevant. Make sure each keyword in each ad group has one common word or phrase. 

2. Make sure the body copy contains keywords. 

When you write the actual copy for your ads, you need to have the keywords you bid on written into the ad. 

This helps driver laser focused traffic to your site, Google rewards you by having a higher position for lower cost, your ad is shown more and you please the Google users because you provide exactly what they are looking for. 

(Hint: The name of the game is relevancy). 

3. Put your keyword in the Adwords ad headline, body and display URL address. 

When someone searches for a specific keyword, all the listings that contain that keyword, whether it is in the metatags, in the name of the web address or in the headline, are bolded to make it stand out to the searcher. 

In this way, everyone wins. The user gets exactly what they searched for. Google wins because that user will return again due to his satisfaction. And ultimately, you benefit from it because you potentially gained a new subscriber or customer and that means cash in your pocket in the end. 

4. Create a landing page for each keyword you bid on.

One of the tricks to getting higher relevancy and higher quality scores in Google's mind is to drive traffic to very specific landing pages. 

Each keyword you bid on should be slightly altered so when someone clicks on your ad, they still see the same keyword or something very similar to it in the headline and in the body of your copy on your website. 

For example, you search for "snake trainers in Penang." You see an ad that says "SnakeTrainers in Penang." You think to yourself this is exactly what you wanted. You click on the ad to go to the website. 

The first thing you read on the web site is "3 snake Trainers In Penang Reveal Shocking Secrets that Show You How You Can Fix The Top 10 Most Common Snake Problems Without Having To Pay $1000s In Consultation Fees…All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home." 

This website tells you exactly what you are looking for. Fido has some problem you want to fix but yet you are on a budget. And you want someone you can go to locally, not someone who is based out of Kulim, Kedah.