Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Web Design Crowdsourcing - Good or Bad?

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What can help you stand-out in the world of business is your talent and creativity. This is why businesses strive to look professional as well as unique at the same time because they know that in order to stand-out from the rest you must have something that others don’t have. For example, companies do their best to create a unique logo design so that they can give a unique look to their business and promote their products and services effectively. Another example would be their brochures, companies try to create their brochures in a highly professional way so there message will look powerful and effective. 

We can now come to the conclusion that it’s your talent as well as creativity that allow you to make your business look professional and unique. If you are not creative or talented then you need to hire people that can help you in this regard. Hence, if you are ready to create a website, then you must hire a designer or designers who possess extensive experience and skills and know how to make business look elegant and professional online. These professional will ensure that your online presence is not a result of clipart or copy-paste, allowing you to look different from others.........

So, what can you do to successfully hire a professional designer? How can you find a designer who won’t use clipart or premade designs? How can you judge the credibility of a designer? These are the questions that you should ask when you are ready to create a professional web design for your business website. A lot of people nowadays suggest that you visit a crowdsourcing site and your project details there. Lots of designers (Yes, dozens or even hundreds) will come and participate. However, only one will get paid. So, this way you will have a wide variety of options in front of you and you will be able to choose the one you like the most and, consequently, the designer of that particular design will get paid.

Now, the question is that will you really be able to find a professional designer this way? The design that you like, how will you verify that the designer that didn’t use a clipart or copied an image from some other website? The problem with images and design is that you can’t find out immediately if it is unique or not. If you ask someone to write an article for you, then you can easily find out if it’s unique or plagiarized, but when it comes to design there is no way to determine that. Most likely, you will find out after a few weeks or months.

Also, the problem with crowdsourcing is that you can’t really judge how credible or trustworthy the designer is. He or she may use anyone’s gallery or identity to look professional. Then, at the end, he or she will again use someone’s design that will match your requirements. So, it is best that you hire a professional logo design company and create a unique and non-plagiarized design for your business.....